Thank you for visiting Vo2 online, My name is Damian Haddock but i'm mostly known as Dee. I am the owner of club Vo2 health & fitness, PNP Nutrition Co. Armagh and now Vo2 Online which is my latest online training and Nutrition Platform. I have worked within the fitness industry for over 15 years now. I started out as a part-time gym instructor taking 20 plus classes per week. With my work ethic, passion for the industry and people I quickly was promoted to the facility manager and not long after that I took over completely and I have now been running my own fitness & coaching facility for the last 13 years.  Throughout this time I have seen many changes in the industry, some good and some not so good but I always stayed true to what I felt worked and that is to keep it simple, never over complicate and make sure you're enjoying the journey, if you're not enjoying it.. it’s not working, keeping a healthy lifestyle balance is paramount to progress both physically and mentally.

My ethos “Keep it simple” is based around these 3 principles: 

1: Follow A Structured Routine That Fits Your Lifestyle 

2: Be Realistic In Your Goals 

3: Have Fun And Enjoy The Process. 

Helping people to build confidence is more important to me than building big biceps or a booty for Instagram.

If you build confidence, your results will follow and follow fast. 

I believe life is about fulfilment. 

Educating the mind will bring, happiness and success not just in your training or physique but in life. 

The reason I started Vo2 online was to build solid, realistic programs that work and improve your lifestyle, not over complicate it. Over the past 13 years I have designed 1000's of gym and nutrition plans for clients and members of all shapes and sizes with straight forward, realistic and easy to use fundamentals that guarantee results... but more importantly improve lifestyles.  I’m am blessed to be in a position now that I can dedicate my time to reaching out online and helping others reach their goals with affordable and successful plans. 

I feel the online market today is full of over priced coaching with trainers who have little to no hands on experience of proper coaching but who are charging crazy monthly fees for a program that If I’m being honest is not hard for a fitness professional to design, that is If he/she know’s what they're doing. 

My goal for 2018 is to build a Vo2 online community around what I believed in and what I feel todays online market needs and that is to strip back all the bullshit and keep training fun, effective and progressive. 

If this sounds like the service that you have been missing then click contact us and lets start improving your confidence and Health & Fitness goals today!

Damian Haddock